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Learn how to help yourself

Learning the basics of self-healing is the first step of the long journey called Reiki. It is so because any practicioner must first be capable of solving their own problems, and only than can they even try to help others. If you are not able to solve your own problems and heal your own illnesses, then, how can you be able to heal others? Reiki is not an art in which the patient should remain dependent on healers, on the contrary - in Reiki the patient himself should become an independent healer, a master of his/hers own autonomous life, health and happiness. To live Reiki means to live healthy, fulfilled, positive and with a virtuous approach to things. To live Reiki means to establish a harmonious relationship with our own bodies, to love ourselves and to live in harmony with the world. And raising spiritually, trough Reiki, we in time can become capable of direct physical influence on reality and to positively change the empirical world. By learning Reiki you will first learn how to help yourself and how to use Reiki for your own good and only after that - how to use Reiki for the good of your loved ones and the world itself. All this is possible because Reiki is everywhere, Reiki is all.

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Meditation and the science of breathing

Meditation is an integral part of Reiki. Much more is possible meditation than just tranquility and relaxation. Meditation is a journey of self fulfillment and self stabilization, but most of all meditation is the way to self-discovery. Meditation is a spiritual technique whose goal is to find, accept and affirm the most beautiful part of our soul, that which is truly unique and truly only ours. There is no activity more intimate and personal than meditation, because only in meditation we are really alone with ourselves. Meditation is a deep insight into the infinite soul. Meditating we communicate with our own essence, but also strengthen the structure of our personality.

Other than the meditation techniques, in our Center you can as well learn the basic techniques of Pranayama, the Indian science of proper breathing.

About us

Our association was formed in 2005 and we have been actively practicing Reiki ever since. We are authorized by the Belgrade Reiki Association and we are the only official Reiki Association in Macedonia. We offer consulting, healing treatments and we also organize Reiki seminars. In an age of planetary crisis, we believe in human goodness. Our goals are to spread health and happiness in a hope for a better world for us all. We sincerely believe that our goals are achievable trough Reiki, because - Reiki is love.

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We are here for you

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