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What the Chakras are?

The Chakras are the energy centers of the human body. They act as small whirlpools through which the universal energy can flows from the universe to the human body. They should be regarded as the direct connections between our energy and universal energy. The state in which our Chakras are corresponds to the state of our mental, physical and emotional health but most of all, corresponds with the state of our relationship with the universe/ world. As our relationship with the outside world can one be an openness or a closed one, as it can be full of love or full of bitterness, the state in which our Chakras are can as well be either opened or closed.

If the universal life energy has difficulties flowing through the Chakras, we says that the Chakras are closed. Closed chakras are a sign of spiritual unhappiness, pain and suppressed traumas - conditions that often can lead to diseases. And if the universal life energy can freely, smoothly flow from the Chakras throughout the body – we can say that the Chakras are open. Opened Chakras testify to high spiritual happiness and harmony between man and the universe.

There are 7 main Chakras on every human body. They manage various aspects of the spiritual and physical and are distinguished by their role, position and color.

Crown Chakra

7th. The Crown Chakra. The Chakra of knowledge, enlightenment, and divine harmony. It determines our relationship with the universe and God. Its colors are white, gold and purple. It is positioned on the top of the head.

Third Eye Chakra

6th. The Third Eye. The Chakra of intuition, visions, clairvoyance. Closely associated with the pineal gland. Its color is indigo. It is positioned between the eyebrows, above the eyes.

Throat Chakra

5th. The Throat Chakra. Its function is communication, transmission of ideas, as well as their expression. Its color is light blue. It is positioned in the middle of the throat.

Heart Chakra

4th. The Heart Chakra. The Chakra of emotions, of compassion, of empathy. Its color is green. It is positioned in the chest, next to the heart.

Solar Plexus Chakra

3rd. The Solar Plexus. It controls the will, the desire for action, for motion and energy. Its color is yellow. It is positioned just above the navel.

Sacral Chakra

2nd. The Sacral Chakra. Its functions are the passion of the body, the pleasures, fertility as well as divine sexuality. Its color is orange. It is positioned above the genitals.

Root Chakra

1st. The Base Chakra. It represents the connection with the soil, the earth. It is the ground, the basis of personality, of Ego. Its color is red. It is positioned between the legs.

Picture of the human aura with the 7 chakras

The Aura

The Aura is the extended energy field that surrounds our bodies. If the chakras are the channels or the connectors between man and the universe, than the aura is the energy field of all separate living beings. The aura is composed of 7 layers which correspond to the 7 Chakras of the body. Therefore, the aura is also called the light-body or the energy-body. People that have achieved high spiritual development can often see and feel the layers of the aura in their full beauty describing them as sublime and golden.

About us

Our association was formed in 2005 and we have been actively practicing Reiki ever since. We are authorized by the Belgrade Reiki Association and we are the only official Reiki Association in Macedonia. We offer consulting, healing treatments and we also organize Reiki seminars. In an age of planetary crisis, we believe in human goodness. Our goals are to spread health and happiness in a hope for a better world for us all. We sincerely believe that our goals are achievable trough Reiki, because - Reiki is love.

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