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About the origins of diseases

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Diseases as negative emotions

There are two main causes of all illnesses and those are the physical and the emotional cause. Physical causes are the external factors such as viruses or bacteria, while emotional causes are the negative emotions that we suppress within ourselves. Reiki is relentlessly trying to heal and help in both cases. We, at the Reiki Center of Macedonia believe that the physical and the spiritual are like two sides of same coin. However, most illnesses would require no treatment at all if they are not allowed to develop at all in their beginning phase. And this beginning phase for most illnesses is the emotional phase, where an illness is nothing but an ill state of the soul, a pain, or a sad, troublesome feeling somewhere deep inside us. Many diseases occur first in the emotional field caused by knots of negative emotions and suppressed traumas that prevent your progress and your happiness. Stress, lack of love, loneliness and other similar negative states over time can and will manifest themselves as physical. Below we have attached two detailed tables where on the left side we have listed the body parts and the illnesses that may trouble you, and on the right side we have listed the emotional states that might be the causes for those problems.

Anorexia Hatred towards yourself, refusal of the food of life, "I am not good enough"
Hands The ability to accept a change, to be bound to old emotions.
Arthritis Criticizing ourselves and others, perfectionism.
Asthma Repressed love, feeling worried, feeling of low value.
Stomach Fear and trembling
Breasts Exaggerated maternal instinct for people, places and experiences.
Cancer (Carcinoma) Deep resentment, distrust of others, self pity, hopelessness, powerlessness.
Ears Unable to accept what has been said.
Throat Anger, unrealized creativity.
Feet Understanding of self, advancement.
Fingers Index finger - ego, anger and fear.
Thumb - care.
Middle finger - anger.
Fourth finger - togetherness and sadness.
Little finger - family, cheating.
Palms Being binded with the material.
Genitals Male and female principle. Rejection and hatred of sexuality.
Heart Heart problems mean rejection or lack of love and joy.
Knees Stiffness, rigidity, pride and ego, stubbornness, fear of change.
Legs Fear of moving forward, standing in place.
White Lungs Inability of receiving or giving the essence of life. Denial of life.
Obesity The need for protection, insecurity.
Sinuses Someone irritates you.
Skin Threatening of our personality, others take power over us.
Back The upper part is connected with the need for emotional support.
Middle with the feeling of guilt.
Lower part with fear for money.
Headache The denial of self.
Stroke Negative thinking, refusal of joy. Violently changing the course of things.
Swellings Retention, submission, accumulated problems, a sense of "being trapped".
Tumors Fostering of old traumas and problems, not wanting to be healed.
Ulcers Lack of self-esteem.

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Our association was formed in 2005 and we have been actively practicing Reiki ever since. We are authorized by the Belgrade Reiki Association and we are the only official Reiki Association in Macedonia. We offer consulting, healing treatments and we also organize Reiki seminars. In an age of planetary crisis, we believe in human goodness. Our goals are to spread health and happiness in a hope for a better world for us all. We sincerely believe that our goals are achievable trough Reiki, because - Reiki is love.

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