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A photo of a Reiki healing treatment.

The healing touch

Reiki is an art that heals from various diseases, both physical and spiritual alike. The very essence of Reiki is to show visible results. And where results are more visible if not in health and in happiness? Ask yourself - can the person with ill health be happy, or the unhappy one be healthy? Miako Ushi renewed Reiki knowing that at times, despite all its great successes, modern medicine and science are just not enough. Human needs are complex, and the troubles of the soul are subtle. We understand that.

In Reiki the healing is done by laying of the hands. The healer is a channel of the universal life energy. The patient lies comfortably while the healer lays his/hers hands on the energy centers of patients body renewing their lost energy. The healer in Reiki is not a miracle worker, he is only a link between heaven and earth, between the energy of the universe and the energy of the patient.

The patient on the other hand uses only as much universal energy as he/she needs. Such a thing as too much Reiki does not exist. The patient absorbs the energy that flows trough the healers hands. Like a tired and thirsty traveler, the energy body of the patient recovers and rejoices when it reestablishes contact with the infinite source of energy that it was long separated from. All the patient should do is to relax and allow to be healed by approaching the Reiki treatment with an open heart and an open soul.

It is not by accident that Reiki is called the art of the healing touch. Patients during treatment can often feel the heat or prickling coming from the healers hands eminating with universal life energy. But worry not, it is a good sing, a sign that the patient is recieving the universal life energy with their energy body, a sign that the patient is healed. The touch of Reiki is the touch of universal love from which we are all but parts.

Be whole again

We believe that diseases and ill health are unnatural states of body and spirit. Reiki allows you be who you truly are, as you were supposed to be – healthy and fulfilled. The time for one treatment is one hour and is performed by a Reiki master with an international certificate. The treatments are conducted in our center, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere where the patient can feel comfortable. We synchronize the overall healing process to the needs of each individual patient and the treatments lasts for as long as is necessary for him/her personally to heal and to feel better. Aside from healing of the physical symptoms of illness, treatments involve harmonizing the patient's energy field, changing of the negative lifestyles habits to positive ones as well as setting free his/hers soul from suppressed emotional traumas.

The treatment has positive effects on the spirit, mind and the body of the patient. It allows closed Chakras to be reopened so that life's energy can flow freely through the body's energy grid. Reiki is a basic cosmic principle and impact of its gratifying healing effects is deep and profound. Reiki heals in the very structure of the DNA molecule, which is located in each of our cells and which is the carrier of all information of our being. Revitalizing on such a thorough level, Reiki brings us back to life, free from all obstacles to our development, ready for a more beautiful life, a life filled with health, happiness and love.

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About us

Our association was formed in 2005 and we have been actively practicing Reiki ever since. We are authorized by the Belgrade Reiki Association and we are the only official Reiki Association in Macedonia. We offer consulting, healing treatments and we also organize Reiki seminars. In an age of planetary crisis, we believe in human goodness. Our goals are to spread health and happiness in a hope for a better world for us all. We sincerely believe that our goals are achievable trough Reiki, because - Reiki is love.

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